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The system of automation of production of the Techinservice company at the plant of deep processing of wheat on the production site of the Roshen Biscuit Complex consists of the following:
• The controller part was implemented on the basis of Siemens 1500 series controllers
• Aveva's PlantScada 2020 was chosen as the visualization system

The choice of high-performance controllers using optical network connections between them and the level of visualization, allowed us to ensure the collection of data from all production sites and ensure their display in the control center without significant delays.

PlantScada 2020 was not chosen by chance. Due to the availability of a large number of third-party drivers, we were able to collect data from ventilation units, electricity meters, water treatment plants and many other stations.

The analytical module allows the technologist to collect data continuously and present it graphically for deeper analysis.
The mechanism operation analysis module displays “motor hours” data, displays messages about the necessary maintenance, collects data on its operation, etc.

The reliability of the system was developed by two non-volatile virtual servers with a data redundancy module (Redundancy).

Client access to the system is organized both by static computers in the operator's room and via Remote Desktop technology on any compatible device in the View only display mode.

Thus, we managed to create a flexible, reliable, easily scalable system that meets the latest security criteria.

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