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Techinservice Intelligence, together with partners, developed and implemented a dispatching, monitoring and management system for engineering services of the largest shopping and entertainment center in Ukraine, Ocean Plaza.


A feature of this project is that it was used the same type of controllers (Modicon M340 by Schneider Electric) for all engineering subsystems, which allowed to significantly reduce the cost of the project, without losing the effectiveness of the solution. Compared with the traditional BMS approach, the implemented structure, according to experts, has saved the customer up to 25% of the funds by reducing the cost of equipment and installation work. In addition, within the framework of the project, engineers of the operational service of the Ocean Plaza took a special training course that allowed to independently maintain the performance of dispatching and management of building engineering systems.

In particular, Techinservice Intelligence has developed and implemented dispatch control systems for the following technological sections of the Ocean Plaza:

  • Aquarium control system

  • Ventilation control system

  • Lighting control system

  • Distributing panel – Transforming Sub-station

  • Exhaust-duct ventilation

  • Accounting for electric meters

  • Boiler room

  • Specific subsystems (a system for monitoring and managing the operation of the fountains)

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