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Techinservice Manufacturing Group has completed the delivery and supervision installation of the low-grade steam preheater of the diffusion juice for a sugar plant in Uelzen town, owned by the largest sugar concern in Germany Nordzucker AG. Processing capacity of the factory is 22 000 tons of beet per day.

Our main advantage over all competitors is the lowest possible underheating to the saturation temperature of the steam.

Low-grade steam preheater was manufactured as a single unit. Its total length is 17.8 meters; weight 43 tons.

Heat transfer area of the unit is 1236 m2.

Overall average performance indicators:

Payback period is the first production campaign.

Diffusion juice:

Consumption 817 m3/h,

Inlet temperature: 25°C

Outlet temperature: 48.8°C


Pressure 0.15 bar

Temperature 53.3°C

Underheating to the saturation temperature of the steam is 4.5°C


Time of development, fabrication and delivery including the specific requirements of the customer was two months.

Installation works were done under the strict supervision of the skilled professionals of “Techinservice Manufacturing Group”. 

Note: Sugar factory in Uelzen town belongs to German sugar giant “Nordzucker AG”, second biggest sugar producer in Europe. Named factory is the biggest factory of the group producing around 50% of the sugar Nordzucker supplies for retail.


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