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Techinservice MG implemented a turn-key projects on construction for KOROSTEN IDUSTRIAL PARK:

1. the construction of the urea-formaldehyde (UF) and melamine-urea-formaldehyde (MUF) resin production facility for Korosten MDF Plant (2015). The facility production capacity is 150 tons per day.

The whole production process is highly robotized, digitalized and automated at the state-of-the-art level, which results in strict compliance with preset recipes and high-quality and environmentally-friendly UF resin of classes E-1 and E-0.

The Complex consists of the following sections:

- section for unloading urea from hopper cars; 
- urea storage;
- section for unloading urea-formaldehyde concentrate (UFC) from tank cars;
- UFC storage;
- UF resin storage;
- UF/MUF resin production section.

The Design Office Techinservice Intelligence has tailored an automatic control system called SimpleChemResin. This control system allows preparing UF resin of different recipes in fully automated mode.

2. At 2015 it was completed successfully the construction of the largest Sawmill Plant in Korosten Industrial Park.

Production capacity of this plant is 1.250 million cubic meters of wood per year.

3. At 2017 was completed starting-up at the Pellet Plant in Korosten Industrial Park. Production of the pellets meet the all product design requirements. The project implementation took 12 months.

The launch of the plant at full design capacity allows processing of about 133.7 thousand tons of sawdust per year.

Thereby, up to 140 thousand tons per year of high-quality wood pellets (fuel granules) corresponding to the European standard ENplus-A1 is produced.

This Project has been accepted by relevant authorities and put into operation. The State Ecological Expertise Committee approved its full compliance with all international safety standards and effective technical guidelines. 

It's worth noting that the entire scope of project design works was made by own Design Office Techinservice Intelligence, and all process equipment and steel structures for this production facility were manufactured by Grebinki Machine-Building Plant (GMZ).

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