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Techinservice has developed and implemented the system of operations control of the “IQ Business Center”. It is the first smart business center class “A+” in Kyiv (Ukraine), which combines high level of technology, unique solutions and innovations in the spheres of engineering and facade systems.

Implemented system of operations control has been developed to carry out operational supervision over the status and working mode of the technological equipment of the “IQ Business Center”. 

System of operations control developed by specialist from automation department of Techinservice Intelligence, carries out the following tasks:

– Continuous data capturing from the primary sources (electricity meters, temperature and pressure gauges, etc.);
– Displaying information in a user-friendly form;
– Recording and archiving abnormal deviations;
System of operations control equipment of the “IQ Business Center” consists of several technological sections, namely:

  1.  Ventilation and air conditioning system, with the possibility of partial control of the ventilation system.

  2. IHP (Individual Heating Plant): operational control system of the heating plant is designed for the remote supervision over the parameters of the controller and to manage circuit feeding valves.

  3. Lighting: operational control system of the lighting is designed for the remote control and supervision over the lighting in transit areas and parking.

  4. Cold water supply unit: control of the pumps for the supply of the cold water, with frequency invertors and pressure gauges.

  5. Power distribution station and transformer substation: supervision over the incoming and intersectional switches, as well as registration of power meter readings.

  6. Antiicing system: supervision over the anti-ice shields, and operational control.

  7. Boiler house: control of the temperature and pressure of the water coming in/out, as well as the troubles checking of the Signal-1 unit.

  8. Air curtains: supervision over the air curtains and operational control.

  9. Drinking water feeding pump.

  10. Air-exhausters: air exhausters and curtains are controlled remotely; status is being checked.

  11. Drainage

Operations control system developed and implemented by “Techinservice” has allowed the “IQ Business Center” reaching the following economically profitable attributes:
• lower costs of the maintenance, repair and replacement of the engineering equipment;
• lower costs of the service agreements, resulting from reduction of works scope due to the constant supervision and registration of the parameters of the operating conditions of the equipment;
• prompt detection and resolution of troubles;
• Increase of comfort and safety levels inside the building.

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