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On the basis of building the dispatch control system of Maristella Marine Residence, Odessa (Ukraine) is a distributed structure with the location of concentrating devices at a minimum distance from the devices.

Such a construction of the system makes it easy to scale it when forming additional tasks.

The main tasks of the system are to monitor and control the parameters that are essential for the life support of the building, besides ensuring maximum comfort for apartment owners. The system consists of the central controller of the dispatching system and distributed information collection devices.

The central controller is located in the shield room on the 1st floor. Information collection nodes are distributed throughout the building to minimize cable connections. The capacity of distributed information collection devices can be increased during operation, if necessary. This allows you to increase the functionality of the system after its launch.

Thus, with a basic set of functions, distributed information gathering devices can collect data from several floors.

Controlled information is displayed on the monitors of the staff. The system allows you to view archived information, history of abnormal and emergency messages, record operator actions, etc.

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