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Data center infrastructure management system is a centralized system for workflow management, which features the following key functions:

  • collection of data from sensors reporting process parameters under control; 

  • rapid exchange of information with autonomous local control systems for monitoring data center equipment and process flows;

  • processing and displaying the received information;

  • graphical representative of the process flow status and basic equipment condition as well as received and history information in readable form;

  • creation of alarm history containing data from the beginning of such alarm (automatically activated when respective settings switch on);

  • logging of events connected with the controlled process and actions of the personnel responsible for system operation and maintenance;

  • alerting operations and maintenance personnel about occurred emergency events connected with the controlled process and data center software and hardware functioning with logging personnel actions in emergency situations;

  • drawing up summaries and other reports on the basis of historical trends;

  • providing recommendations to the operator both in emergency and routine switching models; interactive advisor that helps the operator to take proper decisions in emergency situations in order to find and localization of fault locations; 

  • changing tasks (limits) for local control systems by duty power or mechanical engineer;

  • changing the equipment status (on/off, open/close) from workstations of duty power or mechanical engineer; 

  • electric supply billing of enterprise: maintaining a database and automatic billing system for electricity consumption and energy sources, multi-level pricing  and preparation of invoices; 

  • auditing power supply, power consumption and heating and cooling systems;

  • calculation of resource consumption rates. 

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