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Production of citric acid is a peculiar mixture of food and chemical industries in terms of process technology. that's why the creation of automatic control system requires only professional approach to tailoring both automatic tools and control algorithms used.

Techinservice Intelligence developed a comprehensive  control system for production of citric acid from sugar molasses - from feeding initial feedstock up to citric acid crystal centrifugation. this control system can be conventionally divided into the following substations: 

  • preparation of main, feeding and salt solutions; 

  • preparation of air and compressor room;

  • fermentation and separation of mycelium; 

  • neutralization and splitting; 

  • citric acid concentration;

  • crystallization and centrifugation. 

These sectons are automatized by means of a distributed structure of controller, drive and computer equipment. The whole system is connected by Ethernet and Modbus Plus industrial field networks, which ensures a high level of reliability and operability.

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