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 In 2014 Techinservice Intelligence implemented the control and data system of engineering infrastructure IQ Business Center, the first in Kiev (Ukraine) smart business-center class “А+”, that contained a high-level of technological effectiveness, unique decisions and innovative technologies in the sphere of engineering structures and façade systems 

Having applied more than 20 years of experience in the automation of technological processes and engineering systems for various industries. 

Developed systems make provision for the following economic advantages of implementation the BMS systems:

  • energy saving (electricity, heat, water, gas);

  • reduction in the number of personnel of the technical operation service;

  • reduction the cost of maintenance, repair and replacement of engineering equipment;

  • reduction of damage from accidents due to their prevention and timely detection; 

  • increase of service life of the process equipment due to the operating time and equal output of its resource;

  • savings on service contracts due to a reduction in the scope of work due to continuous monitoring and recording of equipment operation parameters;

  • improving the reliability of the engineering systems of the building through the use of automation equipment from one vendor;   

  • ability to system expansion in future;

  • ability to network multiple objects;

  • availability, serviceability, reduced requirements for the technical level of personnel;

  • ability to meet the energy limits;

  • efficiency of trouble detection and monitoring;

  • increasing of a comfort level and security inside the building.


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