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The building management systems designed by Techinservice Intelligence have the following economic advantages and benefits for our clients:

  • energy resource saving (electricity, heat, water, gas);

  • decrease of service staff number;

  • reduction of costs for maintenance, repairs and replacement of utility equipment; 

  • damage reduction through prevention and early detection;

  • increase of process equipment service life due to record of operating time and steady warn-out;

  • service contract cost-cutting due to the drop of works volume thanks to continuous monitoring and recording of equipment working condition;

  • improvement of building systems' reliability thanks to the use of automation tools from a single vendor; 

  • system flexibility for future expansion;

  • multiple object networking possibility;

  • easy-to-understand, easy-to-use, deskilling effect;

  • possibility to meet energy limits;

  • fast troubleshooting;

  • increase of the comfort and safety level inside the building.

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