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Techinservice Intelligence has developed and implemented complex automation system with process control and new engineering infrastructure for Biofarma pharmaceutical plant (Bila Tserkva town, Ukraine).

Monitoring and automation systems have been implemented into two buildings – production and laboratory.

Monitoring system constantly collects the information from primary sources (temperature and pressure gauges, etc.) displays it in a user-friendly form, records and stores all abnormal deviations.

Automation system monitors and controls technological areas of production, as well as the life support system of the buildings.

Monitoring and automation systems of a new pharmaceutical plant Biofarma include several technological areas:

  1. Ventilation and air conditioning system                                Comprises of 14 air handling units of the production facility and 11 AHU of the laboratory building. Additionally, there are 23 air exhausters of the buildings.

  2. Individual heating unit                                                        Control system of the individual heating plant is designed to manage pumps feeding the heat transfer fluid to the heating, air conditioning and process heat supply systems. It also controls operating mechanisms to keep the temperature of the heat transfer fluid in the set range. The plant has heat supply units automatized for production facility, laboratory building and warehouse.

  3. Refrigeration                                                                    Automation of the refrigeration system ensures the necessary pressure in the cold supply systems for the process sections.

  4. Water treatment                                                            Automation system of water preparation controls water feed pumps to the circulation circuit, keeps the necessary temperature in the circuit, controls make-up of water in the tanks and water treatment for end users. Automation system of water for injection and purified water treatment has been introduced at this factory.

  5. Reactor                                                                                       At the factory is implemented an automation system of the reactors where medicinal components are blended to produce the end product. Feeding, mixing and unloading are done automatically due to the control of the operating mechanisms. Product feeding and mixing processes are done by preset recipes.

  6. Microclimate                                                                    Automation system controls the temperature, humidity and pressure changes in the clear areas of the production facility and laboratory. The system gives alarm and pre-alarm messages if monitored parameters have passed the specified boundaries and prepares end-of-day reports.

  7. Air, vacuum, nitrogen
    Control of the technological parameters (compression, rarefaction etc.) of compressor station, vacuum-pumps and steam from the boiler house. 

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