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In 2009, Techinservice designed and started-up the first in Ukraine spirit dewatering station, which was fully automated by means of Unaqua™ , a unique ethanol dehydration control system developed by own automation department Techinservice Intelligence.


Distinctive features of Unaqua™ software component from similar ones:

  • dehydration process is carried out in fully automatic mode;

  • high-level of fail-safety;

  • knowledge base of emergency situations for the station, which allows the system to properly respond to any emerging situations;

  • convenient visualizaton on the basis of SCADA system for the station monitoring and control with a user-friendly interface, which allows the operator to monitor the whole working process, control the functioning of operating mechanisms, save databases, review real-time and history trends, export statistics, integrate data, signal about any deviations of process parameters from preset limit values, equipment's condition and to carry out statistical analysis.

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