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 In 2012, the complex automation of the largest data center in Ukraine “Denovo” (DeNovo) was carried out, and in 2013 Data Center "Parkovyi".


The ADCS of the data center is a centralized system of dispatching control of technological processes and provides the following basic functions: Data center "Parkovyi". The Automatic Dispatcher Control System of the Data Center is a centralized system of dispatching control of technological processes and provides the following basic functions:

  • a collection of information from sensors about controlled technological parameters;

  • an operational information exchange with autonomous local equipment control systems and data center technological processes;

  • a process and display of received information;

  • a graphical representation of the technological process and the condition of the main equipment, as well as received and archived information in a readable form;

  • creation of emergency archives with recorded information in the archive from the moment of occurrence of the defection (in automatic mode when the corresponding settings are operated);

  • registration of facts related to the controlled technological process and actions of personnel responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system;

  • notification of operating and maintenance personnel about detected emergency events related to the monitored technological process and operation of the data center software and hardware, with recording of personnel actions in emergency situations;

  • arrangement of reports and other reporting documents based on archival information;

  • issuing recommendations to the dispatcher for management in emergency modes as well as in planned switch over. Operational issuance in the “advisor” mode of managerial decisions to the dispatcher in emergency situations on the search and localization of damage sites;

  • changing of tasks (boundaries) for local control systems by the duty power engineer and the duty engineer of the data center;

  • changing of equipment position (switch on/off, close/open) from workstations of the duty power engineer, the duty mechanic;

  • billing of the company's power supply is a maintaining of a database and an automated billing system for electricity consumption and energy resources, multi-level charging and preparing bills for payment;

  • audit of energy supply systems, energy consumption, heat and cold supply systems;

  • calculation of indicators of resources’ use.

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