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Clever Flow™ is an electronic ethanol-containing products manage­ment system developed for installation at alcohol plants as a basic tool for metering consumption and concentration of ethyl alcohol. This system features a multilevel security mechanism, which protects it against unauthorized use. The system simultaneously transmits data to the plant accounts department, regional and central offices of the managing company as well as to the district state tax authorities.


Automation in chemical industry requires a great deal of attention as chemical technological processes are characterized by high speed and sensitivity to deviations from preset modes, hazards of working area as well as by explosiveness and flammability of treated materials.

The automatic control systems implemented at chemical enterprises are widely used to optimize their basic performance, namely:

  • ​staff safety level;

  • compliance with quality standards;

  • environmental protection.

The introduction of industrial automation in the chemical industry helps to reduce production costs and maximize production efficiency, increase output, with both continuous and batch processes.

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